I want my customers to be happy with their purchases and I will do anything I can within reason to accommodate refunds. If you receive your items and find that there is something wrong with the item or you feel the item has not been correctly described, please convo me and allow me the opportunity to solve the problem. Please select items you wish to purchase with care, under standing that because of the nature of this business, returns "just because you decide you don't want the item" are very costly to the seller. Having the item out of stock, time for shipping and missing opportunities to sell the one of a kind items......make it impossible to accept returns like a large business or department store might be able to. If we run a business like a department store in terms of returns, our businesses will not survive.
If you decide you simply don't want an item, when the item has been delivered as described, there will be a restocking fee and you will be responsible for the shipping cost for a timely return of the item. Refunds will be issued when the item has been returned and the item has been inspected. The buyer must notify the seller of their wishes to return the item within three days of receiving the item and must be returned within ten business days.
Any item you purchase and is not "as described" by the seller will be fully refunded and return shipping will be payed for by the seller.
Again, please make your purchases with thoughtful consideration and an understanding of return policies.